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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grand Iftar

 Being the only person observing and watching over the preparation of Grand Iftar event surely is interesting at the same time it trigger the memories of my previous life stage, a university life. How I wish I was part of them too.

Sitting at the corner and observing them walking hastily, and sometimes went to and fro really make me feel foolish sitting doing nothing. It would feel great to be part of the team, trying their best to provide and make the event a succesful one.

It was a big event for them and i knew they wished real hard that it will be smooth throughout the event. To have a good feedback from the guests.

It was even more better when it involved children. A perfomance from the children would be lovely and lively!

Perhaps I will be part of the team event another opportunity. If Allah will, Insya Allah.

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