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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

'Tak kan Surut Walau Selangkah...'

gelombang keadilan, by Soutul Harakah.

Its an inspiring song.

So much so when we are forgetting the biggest matter in our life and focusing on the trivial matters.

'I want to buy that and this...'

'I hope that they would stop doing that and this...'

'My cgpa is just ___ *sigh*...mada mada...'

'They look cool wearing that and this...'

'Aww... this drama is so heart-warming. My tears could not stop at all while watching it.'

'This party is the right one. You are in the wrong party. You should come to us'

'Your ways of doing things are wrong! Ours are the right way'

bla...bla...bla...and etc.

Indeed its happen to everyone at a certain point. That it's hardly to recognize.
Often we lost. Of what should we do and what we ought to do.
Often we lost. Of what we want and what we must have.
Often we lost. Of our biggest goal in life.

Living in hell? Living with pride?
We choose.

Die in vain? Die with full heart?
We choose.

Face it.
Step by step towards the goal.
Don't stop,
Even if we fall, stand up!
Even when we tired of running, then Walk!
Even when we fail, try again!
Even we met with dead-end, make a detour!

We will meet with our desired goal, outcome.

Life is hard
Everything seems unfavorable at the moment
We can go through it now, even in future
Jannah is our ultimate Goal.

"O Lord, may this wishes be heard. May we walk down the path we have chosen humbly with 'izzah toward Thou"