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Saturday, April 13, 2013

That Turning Point, That Journey (2)

Yuuki Kimihiro is an older son of Kimihiro family, an established Tea Ceremony Business through-out the nation. He was brought-up in a strict environment and had to be able to uphold his manner all the time. He had to learn all the techniques for the Tea Ceremony ever since he was 5 year-old. Being almost in-door since his childhood day, he was an awkward person when it comes to socialising with his friends.

When entering the middle school with his quite manner, most of the girls from his school were admiring him because of his handsome feature and his famous family business. Yuuki found this quite irritating, but could do nothing that would cease these girls from chasing him. Some of the boys found his attitude as an arrogant-young-master, while the others were attracted by his polite manner.

Above all, Yuuki never could find solace when he was among his friends except few of them. Being an obedient child, he never argued with what his father and mother had planned for his future. Everything changed when that incident happened. He could no longer abide by the law that set by his parent. His thirst for knowledge had set him forward towards his new goal; to find the truth behind the incident.

He has two brothers and sisters that he adored so much, and sometimes envied of their freedom. So much so that he did not know that the second son of Kimihiro, Akira felt the same envied toward his older brother. Being the centre of attention among the relatives and their parent acquaintances, Akira wished that Mifune Kimihiro and Kyouko Kimihiro would pay more attention to him. He decided to walk the path of the successor in order to surpass his carefree brother, Yuuki.

Despite Akira interest in learning the art of tea ceremony pleased Mifune and Kyouko, they never once thought that Akira could surpass Yuuki. In Yuuki point of view, Akira interest was purely due to his love of the ceremony and Yuuki welcomed his brother wholeheartedly. Least that he knew his brother intention was due to his envied.

Akihiro Kimihiro, was pleased to see his brothers and parent happy would not bother with the family business although Mifune and Kyouko tried to persuade Akihiro to join his brothers to learn the art of the ceremony. Mifune and Kyouko give up putting Akihiro into the training. Akihiro understood his twin brother, Akira most. However, he wanted to believe that his suspicious of Akira’s attitude toward Yuuki was mistake. This blessed family continue to live together in Fukushima prefecture, the olden house design isolated from most of the resident house.

Mifune and Kyouko would always and repeatedly pronounce the golden word of the master of the tea ceremony; Sen Rikyou-sensei before their breakfast started that the boys grew tired yet remember each word perfectly along with the intonation that their parent used when reciting the word.

"Tea is nought but this;
First you heat the water,
Then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know"

The parent believed that, these words are most beautiful that when repeatedly recite, would entranced their children to enter into this business and expand the wealth of Kimihiro's family. Though, they were mistaken.