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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Haven't wrote for quite sometimes.

It's been 3 month dan 27days for our little boy. Times fly so fast😮

Yesterday was your birthday.
Hence I bake you brownies. Although you have been wishing for quite sometimes, I just had the opportunity to bake it.

Happy birthday dear you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just few weeks ago went to MPH NU Sentral to spend the book voucher which belongs to Mr Hubby. Having a blissful evening surrounded by the books and the love one.
As currently, I just finished most of the books that i had bought. When the mood and inspiration met, I could go on and read more than I thought I would. Perhaps maybe most the books that I had bought were in Malay language. Also the books are inspiring and motivating.

I hope I can continue this devotion and motivation to keep reading despite being busy (busy is not an excuse to not read!)

Till few more weeks before adapting to a new phase of life. I am excited as well as nervous. Hope to meet you soon dear. Wish to hug you and been missing you since forever!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Journey to the East

It has been exactly two month since new year.

Just recently I had visited my mother's hometown and enjoying the short trip with the whole family (except my two little sisters). What more, I had the opportunity to introduce my husband to the relatives and various places which full of my childhood memories.

Although, there had been so many changes over the years of void from our visits, the beach always become our desired destination. It would be incomplete without visiting and having fun at one of the beaches. Though most of the beaches which we usually visited no longer safe for swimming especially during this monsoon season.

20th-21st February 2016

2016 first Vacation