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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Earth Throw Tantrum

One day i woke up from my deep sleep. I could not recall what i have dreamed of. But, unconsciously my brain start thinking and thinking. Why all these kind of natural disaster happening more often than before? Maybe i had a dream that related to this matter that made my brain crack and thought all the morning bout this. That's made me write this post. Its all dedicated to my beloved EARTH.

I have been created long time ago. By my Lord, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful. I have been living and watching one by one creature living inside me. from the biggest creature HE ever created and placed it inside me, into the smallest one. From the time i'm still healthy and strong until now, i'm weak and could no longer bear anymore corruption.

Everyday and every moment, i could felt something was changing inside me. Sometimes, i cried, sometimes i feel angry, sometimes i just feel sad, and i also feel happy. But when people reside inside me. The changing become more drastic and dramatics. Sometimes i felt the panicked inside me overflowing and affect them too. Then the people would grief and cried and saying something cruel to me. Some other people are concern about me too. Oh, i'm really glad about that. But, they are too little and their voice rarely reach the higher authority.

Since long before, when people do something outside the Law of Allah, i will throw them away! I hate people that did not follow the Lord's rule and regulation. But ofcourse, my power is limited. I only can do things i want so long as my Lord gives the permission. So, there still people that do bad things living and walking inside me.

Remember, the story of Prophet Lut a.s? When his people refuse to back to the nature and insisting on having their own way of living. I throw them deep inside me! As usual, i got the permission to do so. Its my Lord order, so i did.

Since before, the war is always happen inside me, the war over the power, to dominate the world and just to show they are great. I could not bear it all, that some of my soil would not work properly. No plants can grow for such a long time.

And then, the era of development came. People tried to create more building, cut more trees and leave me without any care. Did they forgot that if there is no tree, how could i keep waters from evaporating? How the dirt would stay still?
So everything happen now, the Tsunami, landslide, earthquake, and volcano . All happen so that i could remind them to take good care of me and remind them the responsibilities they hold. As the servant of Allah as well as the khalifah in the earth.

Some people might say; this is the sign of the Day of Judgment is getting closer. Maybe its true in one way, but they should even be more careful in their action and abide Lord's rule. But the things that i could see only more and more corruption towards me as well as their own behavior.

I tried to show all kind of sign that they should behave now before its too late. Before i might explode and gone, and everyone inside me would gone too. For i'm now is too weak and too old to hold anymore brutality than i had.

O people please save me!Do your responsibilities!

sincerely yours,
Mr. earth

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