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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That Turning Point, That Journey (1)


He walked again through that path. To and fro, and never felt bored with the same routine. Why is it so? His friends were wondering how could he lead that 'boring' life, with less entertainments?

'No wonder, he has no girlfriends 'till now, though he indeed good looking...'

'Tsk...dont bother asked him, he surely refuse your offer...'

'Is he even exist in the same world as us? Or is he live in the parallel world to us?'

People are talking, about his 'boring' life. Most of them looked at him as a weirdo and some even mocking him.

Ryuuga had the chance to ask the exact question that everyone around him asked. Indeed, its might reach thousandth time, the question is being asked.

"Why do you always go through that path? Even when we had new road, much more comfortable and smoother, in fact, its rather a short route to your destination, Yuuki-chan."

Again, he just smiling as he usually did to other people. However, Yuuki loves Ryuuga so much to ignore the question. Teasing his best buddy, Yuuki replied Ryuuga with question.

"After ten years of waiting, for us to be reunited again, is that the only question you have accumulated for me?"

Ryuuga laugh. Yuuki smile.

"Did you know, why they called me boring nowadays?"

"Did they? Have they all gone blind? Don't they see how good looking, handsome, gay your look is?"


"Well, what do you think of me?" a short pause before Yuuki continue while shrugging, "Not that I care~"

Again, Ryuuga laugh. Hard.

"Have you gone mad? Never in my life even once you ask me this type of question. Is our ten-year of separation made you become sappy?"

Again, Yuuki shrugged.

Ryuuga knew, something had changed within his friend. If through e-mail and chatting, Ryuuga could not really detected what was happening in this land, their birthplace, seeing Yuuki in front of him, puzzle him even more.

"Hey dude, what's really is happening when I am gone?"

Sigh. Although Yuuki had thought that this would come at the end, he never want it to be this soon. He did not prepared yet, but, its has to be today. If Ryuuga knew from someone else he would be in rage.

"I am a Muslim."



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