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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Thought

Bismillah wa hamdanlillah...

Two days ago (Thursday, April 5), i almost got into an accident. It happen so fast that i was so shocked. Alhamdullilah, during that time there were no cars around me that might lead me to collided with them. Really, Alhamdulillah. I thought I was a gonner.

Well, its all my fault. No doubt: First, it was at night. Second, I was kinda out of mind. Something happen and I stuck thinking about it non-stop. Third, I was driving quite fast ('s really fast actually, 80km/h on the way to iiu).

I was driving to iiu through the school route not highway. So I'm not supposed to drive that fast with that out-of-mind state. No...not crazy. I was going to break as the traffic light turn red, but the car somehow did not stopped but shift to the left side and almost collided with divider. It really happen so fast that i could not fathom the situation for a moment. I could see from the riders' reaction how anxious they were. There are not much cars but motorcycles.

For one minute i took a deep breath, calming myself before I started driving again. Turning around slowly at iic and went to my final destination, iiu. All the way to iiu, the only thing that i could thought about is how HE still gives me a chance to live and repent all the sins that i had done. If HE gonna took my life at that moment, I might collided with divider or even any cars around me. And I might really be death by now.

It is really scary. The incident.

HE really send me a message through this incident. HE really made me think and think, over and over again. Until now, i still felt the sensation. I was afraid to drive, yet I have to. HE does knew everything. HE heard anything. HE saw the whole thing in this world. Never miss anything. HE can twist even the tiniest thing that we could never imagine of. HE can save and harm whatever HE wants.

Though, we, one of the little thing HE created, felt arrogant with the little power HE let us borrowed. We thought we could do anything. 

HE is the Most Gracious and Most Merciful. HE remind us when we forgot, HE guide us when we lost. HE gave us hope when we felt despair. HE helps us in many way. And we appreciate and thanks HIM so little.

And I truly glad for I still alive. Alhamdulillah, thanks for giving me another chance to chase for more reward. Save me, save my family, friends and all muslim in the world. amin

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