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Saturday, April 23, 2011

to whom it may concern:


Sorry to say this but i will reject it. Because i don't know you. And never concern about you. And never bother to know you. Well, yes, i choose who belongs to my circle. and you are not included. Though you may not know it since you don't read my blog or even know if i have blog. And i don't care what you think of me. Not a tiny bit! I'm being me and not anyone. Either way, we never had any real conversation to begin.

Sorry but i choose my childhood, elementary, middle and high school's friend only to be added in my circle. And with some additional extra rules that they should be someone that have the same interest as me and otaku. Others are not going to be added in my fb list.



signisafwa said...

errr myam ade stalker kah? :p

Sirr said...

sape la nak stalked aku ni safwa ;)
naa..just some particular person/group yang aku tamau ada link langsung. not that i dunno mereka tu siapa..tapi aku tak kenal mereka as i knew my school mates.
malas nak approve,buat semak je friend list aku tu ;0 last2 nnt bukannya borak dgn mrka pun (haha).confirm aku tak jengok wall mereka2 ni pun nnt.